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SAP Integration

At T4S Advance Solutions we want to provide solutions to all the integration needs of our clients, starting with them when defining the architecture and accompanying them during the implementation, start-up and support process.

We have a team of experts in SAP integration solutions, both in the onpremise solution (SAP PO) and in the cloud solution (Integration Suite/SAP CPI).

In addition, our integration architects are able to abstract from concrete technological solutions in order to provide holistic answers based on good integration practices (integration building).

Cloud: SAP Integration Suite

In our team we have experts in SAP cloud integration solutions (Integration Suite or SAP CPI). After listening to the client and analysing their architecture, we propose the most optimal solution, trying to apply the latest trends in integration styles and patterns.

We develop and manage integrations using:

  • The modular solutions offered by SAP: Cloud Integration-CPI, API Management, Integration Advisor, Open Connector, Event Mesh.
  • Proprietary products created to simplify the process such as the transport tool.
Cloud: SAP Integration Suite

On premise: SAP PI/PO

On premise: SAP PI/PO

We have integration consultants specialised in the SAP PO on premise integration tool, as well as in its component products:

  • Analysis, design, development and configuration of interfaces with SAP PI.
  • Process orchestration with SAP BPM.
  • Definition of rules with SAP BRM.
  • Migrations between different versions and products.

The expertise of our consultants is not only backed by their experience, but also by official SAP certifications.

Other services

Otros servicios

We also offer “Advance Integration Architecture Advisory” services, within which we include consultancy services focused on advising on architectures, methodologies or best practices in integration.

We are able to define complex integration architectures based on our “Integration Building”.

We harmonise end-to-end processes, integrating interactions between customers, employees and partners and orchestrating integration flows.