The first step towards digital transformation

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Why withT4S?

Food health is increasingly relevant and leads us to modify our behaviors in favor of ecology and consumer habits. This means that foods of the future will be more customizable, healthier and of course more sustainable.
Innovation and digitalization can become a great ally for food companies.

T4FoodProducts is a pre-configured SAP solution based on industry best practices, incorporating relevant processes from the beginning using the most innovative SAP S/4HANA technology.

The solution covers the most specific processes in the sector such as new product development, production, quality, distribution, stock management and commercial strategy.

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Production digitization

  • Optimization of the manufacturing process, digitizing it to increase compliance and quality without losing flexibility and efficient management of resources. It facilitates the work of operators and supervisors and improves the visibility of the process.
  • Quality integration: coordination between the different logistics and manufacturing processes, to guarantee quality in all products and operations.
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Logistics optimization

  • Comprehensive management of logistics operations in plant and with outsourced processes in purchases and sales.
  • Integration of warehouses and transport: management strategies for warehouse, loading and transport operations, integration with automated systems and with logistics operators, load and transport planning.
  • Real-time inventory visibility: detailed stock control through direct updates on consumption, deliveries, receipts and movements. Automated availability management and restricted batch selection.
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  • Complete traceability in real time of all the company’s products and batches.
  • Supplier approval and evaluation: control of the supplier network through continuous approval and evaluation processes.
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Strengthening commercial strategy

  • Territorial management based on routes or ad-hoc, which will allow planning and execution of visits, as well as documenting details and obtaining performance KPIs with all the power of native SAP Customer Experience analytics.
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Contributing to the best decisions

  • Visibility of economic-financial, cost and logistics information, in real time and in an integrated manner, through dashboards and strategic and operational KPIs to support decision-making at all levels of the company.


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Key benefits

Strong industry solution

Covering both the economic-financial core and the logistics areas, supported by a sector specialization layer and based on the standard functionality of SAP S/4HANA. Management of all end-to-end processes, integrating frontend and backend.

Reduction of the implementation time

With the most efficient use of resources, both internal and external, focusing on industry-specific scenarios, processes and requirements, and SAP Best Practices.

Sector-specific support system

For the initial phases of the Project, analysis and process definition, which contributes to a better change management change and optimizes the participation of key users in the design.

Strengthening the sales force

Strengthening the sales force by providing sales teams with territorial management and the planning and execution of visits through SAP Customer Experience.

Highly scalable solution

Both for company growth (international expansion, purchase or creation of new businesses, etc.) and for the expansion of the functionality and covered processes or integrations.

Expert team in the industry

Industry specialist team and SAP S/4HANA, SAP Customer Experience, SAP BTP and SAP Analytics Cloud.