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What SAP S/4HANA offers

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Road to leadership

  • Increases profit with new differentiated business models.
  • Improve process efficiency with embedded smart technology.
  • Manage sustainability throughout the company.
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Continuous improvement

  • Prioritise areas for improvement with instant analysis of processes and tasks (KPIs).
  • Improve process performance based on actual system usage, practical improvements and industry benchmarking.
  • Accelerate your growth by improving performance with multiple pre-configured RPA and AI solutions.
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Ensure your success

  • International coverage of legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Flexibility in the choice of infrastructure provider.
  • Secure your collaboration in business networks through thousands of predefined integrations.
  • Protect your data with built-in cybersecurity capabilities.
  • Guaranteed support with a broad ecosystem of partners.


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We can apply the different S/4HANA solutions to the different phases of your R&D department

  • Project Management
  • Product Specification
  • Data sheets
  • Manufacturability tests
  • Design of devices
  • Formulation and simulation of new product costs
  • Investor management


  • Challenges and solutions for calculating carbon footprints
  • Emission measurement management and automatic calculation for all products
  • Circular economy and emission control
  • Efficient emissions management
  • Design and development of sustainable and reusable products
  • Product Compliance: RoHS, REACH, SCIP, CE, MINAMATA, Conflict Minerals, SCTL
  • Planning with “green factors” in mind
  • Sustainable procurement
  • Efficient and environmentally friendly manufacture
  • Logistics optimisation for emission reduction
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Security and compliance

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  • Regulatory compliance with sectoral regulations
  • Dangerous Goods Control
  • Hazard Documentation and Material Safety Data Sheet
  • REACH compliance
  • Alcohol books
  • GMP and FDA compliance
  • Validation of IT systems
  • Data Integrity compliance support
  • Digital signature and GDPR
  • Audit Trail
  • Approval and evaluation of suppliers and manufacturers

Digital Supply Chain DSC

  • Automated warehouses and APQs
  • Real-time management of the global supply network
  • Resilience through early adoption of change
  • Collaboration through an open logistics network with full connectivity
  • Interactive freight tendering
  • Environmental and financial sustainability with optimisation of inventory and resource use
  • It offers trading partners and consumers full supply chain transparency
  • Integration with 3PLs to get all the advantages of logistics as a service (SCaaS)
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Product Lifecycle Management PLM

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  • Project Management
  • Project planning and budgeting
  • Manufacturing vs. Projects
  • Commercialisation of Projects
  • Analytical and Operational Project Control
  • Control of time and expense allocations against the project.
  • Procurement and stock control of projects

AM Salesforce SAP

Comprehensive Salesforce and SAP AM service oriented to the complete front-end and back-end process

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