T4S Portal Monitoring

Monitor the status of your SAP systems from a single console

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T4S Portal Monitoring is the SAP systems monitoring tool developed by T4S, which allows you to monitor the status of your SAP systems centrally from a single console.

Why T4S Portal Monitoring?

Discover T4S Portal Monitoring, developed on SAP BTP and deployed on our own account through an OEM agreement with the manufacturer. T4S Portal Monitoring connects with SAP Solution Manager (System Monitoring), simplifying the supervision of your systems without the need for additional infrastructure.

You can monitor the status of your systems in real-time and manage support from a single console. With T4S Portal Monitoring, your SAP Basis team can optimize performance and focus on strategic tasks, ensuring availability and proper functioning of the systems proactively.

With options for email notifications, calls through our virtual switchboard, or integration with your own ticketing tools, T4S Portal Monitoring adapts to each client’s work management procedures.

T4S Portal Monitoring simplifies the management of your systems and takes your IT department to the next level of efficiency and excellence.

Make the most of all the functionalities of T4S Portal Monitoring and simplify system management for your IT team! Discover today how T4S Portal Monitoring can transform the way you work!

T4S Portal Monitoring

Simple architecture without the need to access production environments

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Necessary Requirements

IPsec tunnel or SAProuter access between SAP Solution Manager (T4S and client).

SAP Solution Manager user at the client with special permissions via a provided role.

Importing AddOn via transport orders in SAP Solution Manager.

Configuration of managed systems and system monitoring in the client’s SAP Solution Manager.

Monitoring PI/PO connection through SAP Cloud Connector.


Integration with SAP System Monitoring:

  • T4S Portal Monitoring is integrated with SAP Solution Manager (System Monitoring), collecting all alarms. The portal displays who is handling each alert, and it includes a knowledge database that facilitates the work of the Basis team.

Automatic checklists with report generation:

  • Automated checks with detailed report generation allow the Basis team to dedicate their time solely to problem resolution and to what truly matters: evolving the systems.

Control of EWAs (EarlyWatch Alerts), certificates, KPI dashboard:

  • Manage the status of EWAs, certificate statuses, maintenance control, login monitors, communications, and customizations. The platform includes a dashboard where you can track various KPIs through prepared graphs related to service, alerts, systems, etc.

Monitor your PI/PO, CPI, or Integration Suite:

  • Monitor the status of your messages, iflows, certificates, etc., and access detailed information without needing to log into the systems.

Virtual switchboard with automatic calls:

  • We provide a virtual switchboard that will notify the designated number at any time, whether during business hours or outside of them for on-call services. Our portal informs you of the alert, the system affected, etc., so you can stay informed before your Basis team connects.

A wide range of real-time monitors:

  • You have access to numerous real-time monitors that allow you to access detailed information without logging into the system. This includes debugging control, client status, dumps, backups, and more. The catalog of monitors is continuously evolving and can be used at no additional cost.


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