SAP Success Factors


SAP Success Factors

Smart change to stay one step ahead in human resource management



Central Employee

  • Employee file (personal information, job information, access to pay slips, studies, etc.)
  • Registration, cancellations, holidays and leaves of absence
  • Core RR.HH (Storage of all employee data including historical data)
  • Organisational structure company, business unit, departments, location…


  • Payroll accounting with updates of the different taxes
  • Updated tax information, collective bargaining agreements and legal requirements
  • Location
  • Calculation of retroactive accounting
  • Social Security contributions
  • Generation of reports for the tax authorities: 110, 111 and 190


  • Publication of job offers and integration with different job portals (LinkedIn, Infojobs…).
  • Candidate database with history
  • Digitisation of the selection process and interview management
  • Smart Candidate Search
  • GDPR compliance
  • 100% online processing possible


  • Documentation management
  • Employee welcome and first steps
  • Notification to the team and managers
  • Cross Boarding
  • Off Boarding

Performance and objectives

  • Measurement of individual targets
  • Insight into the performance of your employees
  • Objective and performance evaluations

Development and Succession

  • Knowledge transfer from the person leaving the company to the person staying behind
  • Identifying future leaders
  • Career plans
  • Identification of employee competency and skill levels
  • Assessing the risk and impact of the loss of key talent
  • Comparative matrices (potential vs. performance)
  • Identification of a suitable position for the employee


  • Customised training catalogue
  • Self-service training
  • Traceability of courses delivered
  • Assignment of new trainers
  • Satisfaction surveys and follow-up
  • Updating and version control of courses and certifications


  • Possibility of integration with Performance and Goals to link performance to salary calculations
  • Market ratings comparison
  • Premium and bonus payments (rappels)
  • Full traceability of budget and salary development of employees
  • Real time reporting
  • Setting up workflows for comprehensive and objective control of delivery
  • Pro-rata system for salary changes

Timings and signings

  • Control and monitoring of transfers
  • Improve employee experience
  • Controls labour costs and minimises the risk of non-compliance
  • Simplified and intuitive role-specific time entry for employees
  • Greater flexibility for employees, managers and administrators

Work Zone

  • Guided working experience
  • Simpler and faster HR communications
  • Faster and easier on-boarding and off-boarding

Workforce Analytics

  • Catalogue of over 2000 HR and talent metrics
  • Standard human resources metrics
  • HR analytics, reports and interactive dashboards
  • Reliable view of your workforce and how your investments in people impact business results
  • Robust security to protect sensitive HR data