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SAP App Development

At T4S Advance Solutions we focus on the development of robust, high quality applications that facilitate work and respond to the needs that companies may have.
To do this, we have a team specialised in multidisciplinary development that, using the latest development and testing tools, allows us to ensure delivery dates and the quality of the final result:

  • Application development using SAP capabilities in onpremise and cloud systems: ABAP, SAP BTP, SAP Fiori / SAPU5, SAP BTP Services: IoT, iRPA, process mobilisation.
  • Integration with Blockchain platforms.
  • Development with low code / no code solutions.

Cloud and on premise development

Desarrollo cloud y onpremise

The T4S Advance Solutions development team has the capacity to develop any type of SAP related applications, either in a Cloud environment using SAP BTP, Azure, AWS or on premise environments in SAP S/4HANA or SAP ERP.

We have experts in the latest SAP BTP, SAP Fiori/SAPUI5, ABAP Steampunk, Angular, Node.js, Java technologies and familiar with different execution environments such as ABAP Cloud, Cloud Foundry or Kyma.

SAP Business Technology Platform

We are experts in platform onboarding.

Development of new applications and product extensions within SAP BTP, taking full advantage of its broad portfolio of services:

  • Intelligence Services: Document Information Extraction, Conversational AI
  • SAP IoT
  • Digital Process Automation: SAP Workflow Management, SAP iRPA

In addition, we are creators of our own products using SAP BTP, such as our SAP system monitoring portal, the transport tool integrating DevOps methodologies or unattended testing solutions.

SAP Business Technology Platform

Process mobilisation

Movilización de procesos

Enterprise mobility is a key element to achieve competitive advantages and cost reduction within the business processes of companies.

At T4S Advance Solutions we are experts in carrying out all the stages that must be followed to migrate processes towards a mobile business world, from iterative Design Thinking sessions, the technical design of the solution, the development and implementation of the final solution.

Use of low code / no code tools

The T4S Advance Solutions team is familiar with the use of low code tools such as SAP Business Application Studio and no code tools such as SAP AppGyver, UGROUND or Mendix which allows us to accelerate the development of applications providing a homogeneous final result and always following the style guides, white paper and best practices published by SAP.

Otras capacidades analíticas

AGILE methodology and use of DevOps tools

Metodología AGILE y uso de herramientas de DevOps

In order to ensure the quality and robustness of the applications to be delivered to customers, T4S Advance Solutions uses agile methodologies, delivering periodically and in short periods of time, which allows us to detect unforeseen events and make the best decision at all times.

To ensure the quality of the applications, we use DevOps tools in our developments allowing us to develop, test and launch new applications in a more agile and effective way.